The online and mobile cart project for street display is composed of a video game that parallels the plight of undocumented immigrant labor in New York City. Users are invited to play through three levels of assimilation to beat the game and become a judge or helper to new immigrants.

VAGAMUNDO was created with Adobe Flash in 2002 and requires the Flash Player which is no longer supported.  However, if your computer has the Flash Player, the game is playable.

The game is composed of three levels each level represents a move up in the social scale and assimilation to the United States. The player controls the main character of the game, Cantinflas, the famous Mexican comedian of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema; an iconic figure not unlike Charlie Chaplin. In each level, Cantinflas must overcome an obstacle to continue ahead:

Level 1: El Borracho, represents a ìCulture of Poverty”
Level 2: The Green Grocer Bagger represents a “Culture of Assimilation.”
Level 3: The Head Waiter represents a “Culture of Prosperity.”
Extra Level: Once the player has won the game, s/he is offered the choice to discriminate against new immigrants or two help new immigrants. If the player selects to discriminate, s/he is awarded an extra level as border patrol, where one may fire at illegal immigrants. If the player selects to help, they are awarded a list of informative books and contact information to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping new immigrants.