LOCALIZATIONAdded localization for the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese

LOCATION(ADD) Added new shelter – Outdoor Camp.

ACHIEVEMENTS(ADD) Added Steam achievements.

OPTIMIZATION(DEPRECATED) Support for FSR is now removed, as it was poorly suited for VR devices.

TOOLS(FIX) Hammer sometimes failed to nail the last strike on the nail.
(IMPROVE) When striking a nail with a hammer in hand, the hand releases the nail. Nailing is now easier.
(FIX) If the last tool is in the left hand, the “Last Tool” action is not active.
(IMPROVE) Now, to pick up the last tool in the right hand, you just need to press and hold the “A” button.

FREEZING(IMPROVE) If a frozen object is attached to another frozen item, the resulting structure remains frozen. This allows for quick construction. Freezing indication is now more apparent.
(IMPROVE) To freeze, select the item or hold it in your hand, and then press the Y and B buttons, respectively for the left and right hands.

COPYING CONSTRUCTIONS(ADD) Any construction can be duplicated. To do this, select the structure with pointers (press and hold the Grab button). A duplication indicator will appear. Once it completes, the structure will be duplicated. All necessary items must be in inventory for duplication. In sandbox mode, duplication is free.

MENU(ADD) Added hand animation and tactile effects when grabbing the menu.
(FIX) Menu grabbing with hands is now correct.
(IMPROVE) The pointer for interacting with the menu now operates smoothly without jerking.
(ADD) Added a section with hints in the menu.
(ADD) Added hints on game mechanics to the level.

INVENTORY(ADD) Added tactile effects that inform you that an object can be placed in the inventory or taken from the inventory menu if the hand is free.
(IMPROVE) Now, to pick up the last item from the inventory in the left hand, simply press and hold the “X” button.
(ADD) To transfer all items from a bucket or box to the inventory, carefully bring the container with items to the nape of the neck or to the inventory, and then release it.

POINTER(ADD) Added a targeting system. When the trigger is pressed, a pointer is activated. It can be used to activate and pick up items at a distance. To pick up an item, aim the pointer at the item and then press the trigger. The selected object highlights and plays a tactile effect. To activate an object, simply point at it.

HANDS(ADD) If you squeeze the grip and trigger, but there are no items to grab, the hands become fists.
(IMPROVE) Changed hand animation in pull object mode.

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