Make; Play; Repeat


PhoneticLight is intended to become a resource that others can use on the topic of games, technology, and other fun topics with a focus on the little guy.

This site is non-profit-seeking and run mostly as a hobby to enable game creators to leave their mark on the world.

Far too many people jump on the large bandwagons of companies. They chase profits, but sacrifice creativity and innovation in the process. How many times have we heard of companies do “what works” for the nth time? Which Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty are we on now? Will The Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect series ever have a proper return to form and glory? Probably not, but that’s ok. Times change, and nothing is eternal, after all.

So while it’s easy to bash these large corporations, it’s difficult to remember where our priorities as gamers come from and where their priorities as businesses are (profit). We want fun. We want games. We want experiences.

This is where, among many other sites, PhoneticLight comes in. We hope to craft a resource where individuals of all walks of life can find something they enjoy here, without picking favorites or sacrificing something precious along the way. By transcending the typical pitfalls of the gaming and game development community, hopefully something wonderful will take root here.