Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to itch.io so please bear with me. I am currently working on my 2nd game dev project after finally graduating from university. I figured I now have more free time aside from my day job to put more focus into my game dev journey. This project has grown faster than expected and, with much anticipation, I plan on releasing this fully in 2024.

Let Him Cook is a top-down action roguelike shooter where you play as a food industry professional fighting in the ultimate bullet hell arena. Crush, squash, and mash all kinds of live food puns with a variety of kitchen utensils! 

Link to Demo: https://hfstudios.itch.io/let-him-cook

I hope you enjoy! And feel free to be as critical (or complimentary) as possible, I love receiving feedback and I take it very seriously so that I can improve as much as I can.

  • Hector “Manny” Feliciano

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