Escape to a Tranquil World with “Little Planet” – A Relaxing VR Life Simulation Game

Step into a whimsical realm where adorable dog NPCs roam and tranquility awaits. Inspired by the beloved “Animal Crossing” series, “Little Planet” brings a fairytale vibe to the virtual reality landscape. Immerse yourself in a charming and curing experience that will transport you far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Experience the Joy of Living in Little Planet

In Little Planet, you become a resident of a serene world filled with picturesque landscapes and delightful surprises. Interact with lovable dog characters, each with their own unique personalities and stories to share. Engage in activities such as fishing, gardening, and exploring hidden treasures. Customize your home and surroundings to create your personal oasis, and make lasting memories with your virtual companions.

Embark on a Multiplayer Adventure

Exciting news for all future inhabitants of Little Planet! We are currently developing multiplayer mode that will allow you to invite your friends to join you in this enchanting world (now it’s available to test!). Imagine exploring the wonders of Little Planet together, sharing experiences, and building friendships. It’s the perfect opportunity to hang out with your buddies or meet new like-minded individuals who share your passion for life simulation games.

Be Part of Our Pre-Alpha Test

As we continue to refine and expand Little Planet, we’re inviting a select group of players to participate in our pre-alpha testing phase. For a limited time, you have the exclusive chance to join us on this journey and experience the magic of Little Planet firsthand. This invite-only opportunity is completely free, so don’t miss out on becoming an early pioneer of this extraordinary VR experience.

Join Our Community and Stay Connected

To keep up with the latest updates, announcements, and connect with fellow Little Planet enthusiasts, be sure to join our Discord community.
Share your stories, exchange tips and tricks, and find friends who share your love for life simulation games. Together, let’s create a thriving community where imagination knows no bounds.

Visit our page at [] to learn more about “Little Planet” and join our growing community. Additionally, check out our YouTube video showcasing the thrilling multiplayer mode gameplay []. Experience the joy of building your virtual life, exploring the beauty of nature, and forging unforgettable connections.

Escape to Little Planet today and let the enchantment unfold!


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