Ash of Gods: The Way

The release of Ash of Gods: The Way on April 27th is creeping ever closer! After last month’s Story Trailer (which you can watch here, in case you missed it), we got a lot of requests from the community to showcase more gameplay.

We agreed, so today we bring you the brand-new Gameplay Trailer! It showcases never-before seen gameplay footage not included in the Ash of Gods: The Way Prologue.

With only four weeks left until the release, there’s a lot more content coming up! Be sure to follow our socials and the Steam page to stay up to date with everything. Receive everything from in-depth blogs, to speedpaint videos and the OST right in your inbox!

Play the free Ash of Gods: The Way Prologue for a limited time:

Be sure to wishlist Ash of Gods: The Way to support the game and follow the page to get the news right in your library:

Source: Indie DB

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