A Wonderful, Awful Idea – Villainy with the Second Guess System

You are a villain. Not just any villain. A Super Villain. THE Super Villain. The bravest of mere mortals quake at the mention of your name. Parents warn their children of your coming to make them behave. Babies are born knowing how to cry, poop, and fear you.

If only those heroes didn’t keep getting in the way.

But now you’ve got it! The dastardliest evil idea ever conceived, and no one will see it coming! Soon everything will be in place. Soon you’ll enact your evil plan. Soon you’ll show them all!

A Wonderful, Awful Idea is a solo role-playing game built on the Second Guess System. To play you will need something to record journal entries such as paper and pen as well as a d20 and a d6.


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