Hi guys,

Your wait is over, HAND options are released. Please check them out. 

  1. Initially 7 options are been released. More options will be added in upcoming updates.
  2. I have also increased the written content for every option in Hand section, see if you like it.
  3. I have also added an option to select the relationship you want to play with. Currently there are three options (Sister, Mom and Aunt). More can be added later.
  4. I have also added an options to On/Off audio in video content. You can On/Off at the start of the game or you can change it in Options page.
  5. I have also added a Patreon button, you guys can support me there because it is to hard find the sleeping porn content and many sites requires subscriptions which I can’t afford. So I need your support to provide you guys more quality content.

I think, that’s it for this update. I will try to release another major update in this week by Sunday with one other major option.

Please support me in any way you can, even if you can’t join on patreon support me with sharing the game and giving positive reviews.

Thank you guys, will meet in next update.

Game Link                       Devlog Link

Source: itch.io

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