A modern gameboy color game, now on physical cart!!!

Pre-orders for a physical cart are now open! Click here for more info.

Nyghtmare: The Ninth King is a dark-fantasy, classic-vania, action-platform game that aims to make an authentic GameBoy [COLOR] retro feel that is as close as possible to the original. [NES Castlevania and MegaMan!]

From frustrating enemy placements to nigh-impossible leaps of faith, whip your way through Mortemire’s roads, meet NPCs along the way, and unleash the world from its nightmare.


The forgotten Kingdom of Mortemire reappeared centuries later, seemingly out of nowhere, it was at this point that a young woman named Aryn awoke alongside the Kingdom, and surprisingly, she seemed unaffected by the unknown call.

With only an iron whip as a weapon, Aryn must make her way through the decaying streets and unravel the mystery that is the Kingdom and its calls.


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