I finally released on Steam a Puzzle Patformer that I started working on for the GMTK Game Jam 2021.

The challenge was to make a game about the theme “Linked Together” in 48h. My game was about keys that would be linked together through a Key bunch. You could pick up keys, but each one would make you heavier and unable to reach certain areas. So you had to choose carefully which one to pick and when.


The game was fun and had a lot of potential. I had a bit of free time in the end of 2022, so I decided to rework it into a full game. I built it from the ground up, in a completly different art style.

Screenshot 037 0006

After around 6 months of work, 100 Keys To Your Heart is out on Steam! It’s short, sweet and cheap, give it a go if you like solving puzzles.


Source: Indie DB

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