Hi! I’m Matt, the South African indie dev behind Space Cheetah Hyper Runner

I’m always working on new projects – here’s the demo for Beneath a Shattered Moon demoBeneath a Shattered Moon demo.

Here’s some gameplay from my YouTube channel (also check out my other projects there).

It’s a dark fantasy FPS, inspired by Quake, Hexen, and Dark Souls. Play as a powerful archmage racing back through a series of Jumpgates to save your homeworld from invasion by the bodiless Brain Wizard.

Check out the 3 level prototype demo featuring:

  • Dual wield a magic sword, a hammerspear, spurflingers, and exploding flasks.
  • Fire railgun or poison crossbow bolts.
  • Snuff the life from your enemies with the Candlestick.
  • Fry ’em with a lightning rod.
  • All weapons have an alternate fire mode.
  • Cast spells with Mana: Shield (also a very useful ramp), Fireball, Arrow Storm, and Fling (throw an enemy off the level, or throw yourself out of danger).

Source: itch.io

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