With Unreal Engine’s import tools, SkyReal easily converts data to assets inside the system for a seamless experience in the scaled design.Since engineers are not necessarily gamers, a key benefit of SkyReal Suite is that it provides a click-and-play platform for the team.

“Realism is a must for engineers to get the hang of the tool; the stronger the realism, the faster the adoption,” explains Falgarone. “If your business is designing launchers, you don’t want to spend your time building or operating a complex VR system. You just want to see the latest modification of your design and iterate with your colleagues.”

Lumen and Nanite, the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) technologies that respectively enable developers to generate dynamic lighting and automatically and massively scale assets, help SkyReal create the realism that engineers and developers expect, says Falgarone.

SkyReal Suite consists of three modules: one to prepare and import CAD data, another to store the data in “rooms” that users can explore, and a third to provide the VR interface and environment. The system is designed to present models at 1:1 scale.

An important feature of the software is that virtual design changes can be automatically propagated back to the CAD software, eliminating the need for a manual export/import cycle.

The idea was to create a software suite where the user could work autonomously, without needing to train someone on data management or virtual reality development.

“Collaboration is very important inside SkyReal, and Unreal supports this really well with things like Replication Graph,” says Falgarone.

Replication Graph enables multiple team members to simultaneously make and visualize changes in a design. This collaborative ability saves on iterations between designers and stakeholders and reduces design cycle time for SkyReal by up to 30 percent. It also produces cost savings on the backend since design assets created in SkyReal Suite can be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

SkyReal’s training and design services have vast uses for a range of industries. The design capability, cost savings, and efficiencies created by the company are helping their customers in aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, offshore energy, and other sectors. With advances in Unreal Engine’s simulation capabilities, SkyReal intends to continue using the platform to expand its innovations for its customers.

“We need to be inventive to create the next generation of solutions,” Falgarone explains, “and Unreal Engine gives us what we need to be inventive.”

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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