As the team found, however, developing a multiplayer game of this scope is no mean feat. Cano notes that some of their biggest challenges on the project were around effectively testing a game that can be run on five platforms, in several modes, with several different types of player accounts, in match sizes that can include up to 40 players. “This is something we’re still struggling with, but developing better automation and testing tools for our devs to simulate play has helped,” she says.Iron Galaxy developed Rumbleverse using Unreal Engine. The team has a lot of prior experience using the engine, and have a range of in-house Unreal Engine plugins they developed for previous projects. “That, combined with Unreal’s features like optimization tooling, visual scripting, and cross-platform support, made it an easy choice for us,” says Cano.

The engineer also adds that Unreal Engine’s optimization tools were particularly useful on the project. “Whether it‘s visualizing computationally expensive draw calls, looking at CPU performance, or examining our game’s memory, Unreal Engine has a strong toolset,” she says. “Also, Unreal has a strong developer community and helpful forums.”

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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