Hey RTS Fans,

I’m excited to announce that after 2 years of development everything is on schedule and Grimstar: Welcome to the savage planet is going to be released on October 26th, 2022.

Thank you for all your feedback during development!


Welcome to the savage planet acts as a Prologue for Grimstar: Crystals are the New Oil! You can play the first five missions of the single player campaign.

This prologue version will showcase a fresh cartoon graphic style which complements the gameplay mechanics. The following is a short summary of what I have changed for the final release version based on your feedback:

New Cartoon Graphic Style

I’ve switched to a cartoon graphic style since it appears much nicer and the maps are now much clearer.

Alternate victory condition

As an alternative to collecting all the crystals on the map, you can find and destroy all the enemies’ caves. You can try it if you are brave enough, but it will be more challenging.

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Level Up System

In addition, the game features a leveling up system. The amount of crystals you have at the end of each mission determines the experience reward. Therefore, playing as effectively as possible makes sense.

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Hero Units

The Game also includes the first Hero Unit. Leveling up, calling Bombers for support, and using a shield are among the things he can do.

However, Hero Units are only available if you have completed the tutorial and the first mission.

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There are also tons of bug fixes. I hope you have a good time playing the game.

Don’t miss the release and make the company proud!

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