Hello there o/ 

I’m pleased to announce I’ve finally done my first public release of this Android project I’ve had in the workshop for a while, it’s a self-contained Android game that allows you to play generated track levels from your own music files (.mp3 specifically)

Here is a brief video showcasing some of the core gameplay loop:

In this game, you take control of a player avatar where you must eliminate incoming notes at all costs, the controls are fairly simple but considering you now control a player avatar rather than being an omnipresent entity, it will take some strategy to place yourself accordingly around the playing field in order to survive your music!

You are not completely left without help however, as you keep on playing through your music you’ll soon begin to gather up sufficient energy to make use of very handy power-ups to aid you along the way, how well will you survive your own music?

Here’s some screenshots of the game in action:

The game’s demo is freely available to try here, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t have any downloaded music around, no problem! the demo contains a custom track to give you a nice feel for the game in general, go out there and have fun!

Link to the demo: https://ravso.itch.io/audiobreak-smash-your-music

As of right now only .mp3 files work currently, it’s best if you have the stored inside of an internal storage folder over external as newer versions of Android might have trouble locating these files, the game is currently active in development but I’ll always appreciate constructive feedback o/

Source: itch.io

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