Hey! first time posting here.

about development: Im a software engineering student, 21y.o, started game development during quarantine being first exposed to HeartBeast videos on youtube

about Cloaks and Capes: Its a twisted side-scroller roguelite shooter with a dark, fantasy theme to it that has you going all out to resurrect Cloaker’s dead son while you upgrade yourself by unlocking Powerups, leveling up and gaining extra hearts as you take down bosses, one of its main features is that you gain a satisfying damage and attack speed boost when your heat bar fills up. Inspired by the greats, Hollow Knight and Neon Abyss.

As a one man army team with little to no resources I can only hope for my game to not go unnoticed and for people to find all the heart that went into making this. I can say for certain that I had lots of fun designing every bit of it

Release Trailer

Please feel free to ask me anything, Id like to provide more insight on what the process felt like. Looking back, I believe I got so many things wrong mostly marketing wise, there is alot i would change for a next project but im really proud of what I’ve accomplished

Discord: Discord.gg

Source: Indie DB

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