Hey, we just released the second chapter of Fate and Life: The Mystery of Vaulinhorn!

Here is the link: https://celestial-novel.itch.io/fate-and-life-the-mystery-of-vaulinhorn-chapter-…

Summary of the game:

 The story takes place in Vaulinhorn, a bustling vibrant city with a thriving economy and rich culture as well as history. This city was founded in 1714. The population of the city was 20 million at the 2020 census but in 2022, there was a strange thing occurring in the city. Several people were disappearing from the city without any trace. Our protagonist, Maive Clara Rose, has been assigned to investigate this case. Help Maive discover the darkness luring around Vaulinhorn and help her choose “interesting decisions” in her journey as she tries to unveil the mystery behind people’s disappearance. Fate says Maive will never be able to solve this case. But, will you let fate control her destiny? Or will you break free and become proof that fate is not always destiny? It’s all yours to decide We are asking for your support in making this game a reality. With your help, we are confident that we can create something truly special that will entertain people for years to come!

Source: itch.io

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