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Large scale battle royale with Photon Fusion

  • Photon Fusion
  • Game Server Hosting (Multiplay)
  • Matchmaker

With battle royales in high demand for all types of gamers, we’ve worked alongside Exit Games, the makers of Photon, to bring a Unity-made and powered battle royale to life. This sample will help you get a head start on your own fast-paced battle royale, and you’ll learn how to build and operate a large-scale multiplayer game with Unity at its core. 

The large scale battle royale with Photon Fusion sample is built with Unity Engine, Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), and Matchmaker, and implements the latest features and gametypes of multiplayer games.

Photon Fusion offers powerful features such as prediction and lag compensation; enabling developers to build complex multiplayer games. The Fusion engine is designed to consume less CPU, less bandwidth, and help developers operate at a 60Hz tick rate on their server simulation.

Dive in to discover a networked sample that provides the foundation for you to create new experiences for a large scale battle royale game on a single game server instance. You’ll learn how to use dedicated game server hosting, with client-server topology and a matchmaker that provides powerful and flexible queue based match functionality.

Sample features include:

  • Deathmatch, elimination, and battle royale gameplay modes
  • Weapon systems: Projectile, hitscan, throwables, etc.
  • Projectile system: Kinematic, ballistic arrow, and piercing projectiles
  • Pickups: Static (ammo, health), dynamic (drops on kill)
  • Shrinking area, damage area, moving platforms, and item box
  • Recoil patterns, input → recoil compensation
  • Jetpack – an advanced kinematic character controller example

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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