Explore the latest tech available within the Unity ecosystem to create your multiplayer game – from netcode SDKs to tooling support.

Multiplayer game development has been on the rise for years, and Unity developers are right there with it. According to our 2022 Multiplayer Report, there has been 150% growth in PC multiplayer titles and 40% in mobile multiplayer titles made with Unity since January 2021.

However, support for multiplayer game creation within Unity has often required third party tools to support certain game types.

As of today, developers have access to Netcode for GameObjects (NGO) 1.0, going hand in hand with the new Multiplayer Solutions from Unity Gaming Services, including Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Matchmaker. These tools, combined with our samples and guides, will accelerate your multiplayer game development with Unity.

At Unity, we aim to contribute to the rise of online games with a series of out-of-the-box solutions – however, like any multiplayer framework, these solutions are not one-size-fits-all.

That’s why we designed our solutions to mix and match with third party tools so you can build the tech stack that fits your team’s needs. For instance, feel free to check our Battle Royale sample with Photon.

Now let’s dive into Unity’s multiplayer game development solutions – covering netcode SDKs, tooling support, low-level networking, and server runtime capabilities.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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