Do you think you can beat me in a simple game of cards? The rules can be explained in seconds but I bet it takes you much longer to master the game. I am sure you will come up with a clever strategy but I am pretty good at predicting your moves and always staying ahead of you.

If you think you have a chance, give it a go. A single game only lasts 5 minutes. 

You want more details first? Fine. We each start with 12 cards. In each round, we both play a card on different stacks collecting penalty points. Whoever has the least amount of penalty points at the end wins. You can play multiple rounds and keep track of your overall score. The game has two difficulty modes. One mode for beginners that doesn’t keep a persistent score and a challenge mode. In the real version, I won’t go easy on you. Trying to predict every one of your moves and show you who the real champion is. 

Are you ready for a game of skulls?


You can play in your browser but I highly recommend downloading the game for your mobile device. It’s a much better experience and it will save your score when a new update comes out.  Download it as an Android App or iOS App


The entire game is free. There are no ads and no other monetization schemes. All the content is available and there is also no time restriction. 


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