Welcome to G_L_I_T_C_H, a minigame created by one person (Zane/Andrea Zanettin) in a week of august 2022.

A lot of game’s assets are from bundles acquired with donations for Ukraine.

I’ve started experimenting with those assets and then the project turned into a minigame with original scripts, assets and more.

Music is from a royalty free website. Credit: SergePavkinMusic from Pixabay.

G_L_I_T_C_H was created only for fun and to express author’s creativity.

There could be some bug and the game is not perfect, but I hope you will enjoy this little experiment.

Some tips: Yellow buttons are for story. Collide with the red button to continue to the next level.

Windows button + X in the window to close the game (or your favorite combination Alt + F4).

Adam now is forced to slowing down.


Source: itch.io

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