Nihil Ignis Incident 48 Is now released + Exclusive Bundle info!

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Nihil Ignis Incident 48 is a realistic urban exploration VHS  Found Footage horror title.

Key Features: Utilize your camera mechanics including sepia cam mode, limited blitz mechanic and B/W Spirit cam mode allowing you to see a unseen world, uncover the story of Nihil Ignis by discovering the past events through your camera.

Story: The year is 1991, you are a urban explorer on a mission tonight to investigate a long abandoned 1940s fire station named Nihil ignis. Supposedly the premise was shutdown in 1948, and has been abandoned now for 43 years. Document the premise and unfold its past through your camera.

3 possible endings – 1 good – 1 bad – 1 secret.

Thank you for your time!

Created by Aza Game Studio


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