By: Juan Linietsky Jul 10, 2020

During the past year, Ignacio Etcheverry worked on significantly improving C# support and its integration in Godot, adding support for Android, HTML5 and iOS, as well as popular third party IDEs. This was financed thanks to a generous donation from Microsoft. Unfortunately, due to the Covid situation, the renewal of this grant has been suspended and is uncertain.

Ignacio excelled at his work, resulting in a significant increase of C# users in Godot (which is near 25% now, and which will probably grow further when the recently implemented mobile and HTML5 support becomes stable).

While GDScript remains the primary programming language for Godot (George Marques is working full-time on it) due to its soft learning curve, ease of use and editor integration, the improved C# support has proven that there is a very significant amount of users who find C# better suited for their needs and that it’s key for the project to continue supporting it.

There is still a lot of work remaining and also upcoming tasks like ensuring Godot supports the new upcoming .NET version. Additionally, we want to ensure continued work to ensure bug fixes, stability and usability improvements for C#.

Next funding goal

We announced a funding reorganization some days ago and we are soon going to announce new hires that will start working full-time in the coming months. To ensure that the project has sufficient funds to hire Ignacio in the long term (or at least until the new grant can be worked out), we are hopeful you can help us reach the next funding goal at $15,000.

We are counting on you for this!

Source: Godot Engine Official