Become a revenge-craving mosquito! – Suck ’em All (Beta) now available!

Hello everyone!

I would like to present our (Fleshbang Games) first game ever created.

The game is still in its development stage, but we were eager to let the world know šŸ™‚


Become a revenge-craving mosquito whose only goal is to suck the blood out from his victims.

Beware of traps and enemies waiting to get you.

Collect coins and complete hidden objectives to increase your score. Try flying into every possible crack and you will be rewarded with extra points.

The game, at this stage has one playable level. Of course the final version will have more exciting content. We are welcoming any form of feedback, reviews and opinions. 

We have already released an update due to feedback that came from some of the players. We are going to listen to you and introduce fixes and tweaks as often as possible.

Here is the link to the page:

Release teaser-trailer:

We hope you enjoy the game!


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