Hi my name is Mario Murkl. 

I am the developer the Until Last Breath.  https://mario-murkl.itch.io/until-last-breath

Until Last Breath

Really intense Zombie Shooter, which using Unreal Engine 4.

The game is in Early Access , so doesn’t have a menu yet, and the optimization is still not the final version either.  If you buying the game , it will be a huge support for me in the future of my plans. 

Some interesting features:  

Zombie Mode:

 Infinite Wave Weapon Buy Obstacle Unlock Fire obstacles Zombie Pickups Mystery Crates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ System requements : Minimum : GTX 970 , i3 - gen 3 , 8gb ram Recommended: GTX 1060 , i5- gen 6 , 16gb ram HDD/SSD: 4gb If you have any question , feel free to ask. Regards Mario Murkl

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