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One thousand years ago, the world has been almost entirely destroyed by the fall of the Fourth Moon. Since then, God came and created a system that would protect every human beings from a premature death: the Version RPG. Like in a typical isekai setting, every humans now have a level, HP, MP and other stats like in classic RPG. When a human being loses all their HP, they will pass out and after a few days of rest, they will come back in full health!

Version Fille is a french episodic game that I completed in April 2019. There are 8 chapters in total and they are all available in english now! With the help of RPG Maker VX, I created a game that will hopefully make you laugh. The game is however not appropriate for those who are easily disturbed as Version Fille has adult-oriented humor and often references our own culture. Don’t get your hopes too high though, it’s still very tame.

Please play Version Fille, share and comment if you like it or even if you don’t so I can improve the game or make an even better project in the near future.

Thank you!