A One In A Million Chance at Adventure, 2nd edition – a D10 Roleplaying system for adventures set in the Discworld Universe

The game is to be considered a work of fanfiction, or perhaps a creative tribute to the illustrious world created by Sir Terry Pratchett. The compendium consist of a rules system created aimed at capturing the spirit and geist of the Discworld Universe. Use the Discworld book series as source materials when playing this game. 

To play this game you need to be at least two people, you also need a pen and some paper, one character sheet per player, two ten sided dice, one four sided die and one six sided die. In addition you need this booklet, that is the one you are already reading. It is also extremely helpful if the person who is taking the role of what is traditionally called the Game Master (in this game the role is referred to as “The Auditor”) has read a couple of the Discworld books and have some understanding of the setting before hand. A really good source book for this game is the Discworld Companion (2015).

To download a copy go to: https://jochergames.itch.io/discworld-a-one-in-a-million-chance-at-adventure

Source: itch.io