Furniture and interior objects asset pack has just been released.

I am unsure if this category is an acceptable space for non-game releases. If it is not allowed to post (game assets) then I apologize and the mods should feel free to close this thread.

I have in the past 2 days released and am about to post a first free update to, a furniture and contemporary indoor/interiors asset pack. – a collection of textured and UV mapped interior 3d models in .OBJ and .FBX formats. Textures are either minimally compressed .jpg or 32-bit .png when surface opacity varies on an object. All files are combined into a .zip file to make downloading simpler.

This is my seventh game asset pack. It has been released during the first 24 hrs. of a Memorial Weekend bundle sale of game assets and is included in that discounted bundle of seven asset packs for the next two days. (As of time of this post anyway)

I will attempt to push a free update to this pack and some of my others as well, before the end of the sale but no guarantees that will all be ready in time. I have worked hard on a lot of projects, and maybe been a bit too assertive and made things awkward in the attempt to make people aware of them. I am sorry for any problems this may have caused. 

Again, in none of these cases was I intending to violate rules. If at any time I have unwittingly done so, maybe due to specific rules being unclear, please let me know.

Thank you developers of for creating such a wonderful and user friendly game site.


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