Shivering Hearts is a role-playing game illustrated through detailed hand-drawn watercolour paintings and built on branching dialogue choices and multiple endings. 

Explore a unique fantasy setting with your childhood friend, Rin, and uncover what ills are plaguing the village of Shivering Hearts.

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On a separate note, thank you so much to Leafo, all the staff at Itch and the Itch community as a whole. When I posted the demo for my first game, Ili, back in 2018, I was extremely moved by the warmth and support by the Itch community. After feeling like I didn’t have the technical expertise to follow through on the scope of my previous project, I felt pretty bummed and withdrew a lot socially. But after 9 months of work, I’m happy to present Shivering Hearts. It’s truly been a journey, and is only the beginning.

Thanks again.

From Mischa.

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