My friend and I made a game in 2 days.

The game Myopic was created by my friend and me for The Weekly Game Jam Week 147. It was for the first time that we created a game together and COMPLETED IT. It was also our first time in a Game Jam. 

The Theme was Invisible.

(The Theme wasn’t invisible, the theme was named ‘Invisible’)

I came to know about the jam on 5 May (The jam was already started, start Date was 1st May, 10pm or something, so we had already lost 3 days).

I asked him to join. He was excited to do it and so was I.

So first we decided to make a 2D Platformer Action Game where player could become invisible while fighting against enemies, so invisiblity would be the players ability.

But just after making a new project on unity and trying to figure out how to avoid the different editor version problem for collaborating unity game (and finally realizing that versions needs to be same) and adding some basic 2D platformer mechanics we both came to a decision that we had to drop the idea cause we didn’t had any artist (who could make game art, like characters and environment).

So by the night we both lost motivation and we were doing our own things.

Then, the next day 6th May noon, I got an idea that we could make a simple 2D TopDown game where player would just have to reach the endPoints to complete levels but to match the game jams theme ,’Invisible’ we could make the player blind (blind as in we cannot see the obstructions in the level but make out the players position by the trails of particles it left and thus move the player accordingly towards the endPoint) and this would also help to make the levels more challenging (atleast that was what i thought).

So I called him and told about the idea, again we both were excited and 4 days late. We just had 2 days.

Then he thought that we’d make the same game but 2D Platformer Style and not Top Down and i didn’t had any issues cause we just had to turn on the gravity for the player.

So we started making the game on 6th May, noon (Well not exactly started cause i already had 2-3 levels in TopDown Style, but yeah, most of our gameplays implementation started after that time). The jam was ending on 7th May, 10pm so we had 2 days left to complete the game.

We thought that to match the jams theme: Invisible we could make the player myopic (i.e person with near-sightedness) so we let the player see only some region around him(and thus the name, Myopic) and this would also increase the challenges.

Then we added all the levels and then tried to figure out what to keep as a background (but that didnt go quite bad you can play the game and see) and then added some more levels and then pickups for dash ability and doubleJump and TripleJump.,etc.

We completed the game by 7th May, 10pm. I was then uploading our first game so I was excited. I successfully uploaded the game to and i sat back and was editing the main page of the game and after the excitement cooled down I recalled that I also had to submit the game to the jam and then I submitted it 4mins before the jams end time.

The link to the game :

Give it a try.


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