When your man-eating god Hoochooboo awakes from a dark slumber, you’d better feed them fast! Fight tourists to turn them into ingredients, put the right recipes together on your skewers, and make the most of your voodoo powers to go for three stars on every level. Cannibal Cuisine is going to release on May 20th!

Play the 24 level story campaign with up to 4 chefs, or engage in competitive versus mode cooking contests, playable both locally and online. As the chaos ramps up you’ll need to dodge lava, board boats and avoid spikes while feeding ever more picky incarnations of Hoochooboo. And that doesn’t even include the ‘boss’ maps at the end of each area, which will test more than just your cooking capabilities…

You can wishlist the game to get a notification on launch to make sure you don’t miss out on the 25% release celebration discount!

Looking for a starter course? Try the open beta on Steam.
Something else you can find on the store page is the open beta download link! Hit the demo button to grab the open beta and try out four levels. We’d love to hear your feedback on our Steam hub!

The open beta won’t stay open forever, so if you’re interested move fast!

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ, or hop on our Discord!

Now get ready and sharpen your knives! Hoochooboo is almost awake…

Source: Indie DB