I Want to Pursue the Mean Side Character!is my very first visual novel! It may need a lot of work and fixed, but I’m proud of how it came out! I hope you enjoy it!

Beatrix is used to being misunderstood by her fellow peers. With her sharp eyes, tall height, and ringlets, she looks like the mean villain straight from a novel. Thus, she decided that if she was forever going to be seen as the mean bully, she might as well reside herself to the role. However, things change when she becomes fast friends with the new commoner transfer student, to everyone’s surprise including her own. And more weirdly, how this new transfer student can seem to understand her better than anyone else and can see her for her true self rather than the part she had been reluctantly forced to play!


Content Advisory: Recommended Ages 16+ (Strong Language and Slight Mention of Death)

Play Time: 30 minutes???



Story+Code+Art by Tsun-Angelique

Sound Effects by ObseydianX

Music by maodamashii and Kevin Macleod

Special Thanks to NiAsobu, foleso, ingthing, Artic Fox, WoLoLoiK and many others on DevTalk+!

Source: itch.io