Link to demo:

WARNING: Contains blood, gore, flashing screens, mild language and mention of severe mental illnesses.

“We all have a little darkness inside of us.”

It’s always so easy to bury secrets in small towns. Especially when the authority turns a blind eye. Just as you moved back to your childhood town, an unfortunate chain of events leads you to a series of mysterious cases buried away by the locals. Your friends seem just as clueless as you are … Or are they? Guided by only the vaguest clues and instinct, your task is to find the missing pieces of bizarre cases that seem to involve more and more people you know as you go along. As time progresses, you must choose: Either to stay ignorant, enjoy your last year of High School blissfully and hope for the best, or dive head-first into detective mode and claw your way out.

A story-rich game by Fluttering Abyss Studio


150,000+ words

  • 4 character routes and 8+ endings
  • 1 secret route
  • Japanese anime art style
  • custom GUI
  • Demo version is about 20% of the full length (2-3 hours)