“Hi, welcome to Seven Doors. Behind this door, seven challenges are waiting for you that we have prepared specifically to test your skills. We’re waiting for you behind the last door…  If you arrive… Now, if you are ready, you may begin. The door is open…. Good luck.”

Seven atmospheres, seven challenges, seven solutions. Will you be able to reach the end?

Seven Doors is a good occasion to have fun and test your skills, solving riddles and secret languages to dangerous situations and even be part of a giant chess game. As a player you will have to go through seven different atmospheres, all of them unique, special and surprising. 


“The best thing about Seven Doors is that we never knew what to expect next and it was genuinely interesting to see what lies beyond each new door. ” “the visuals are impressive for a small indie team.” “If you are looking for a game that will provide a couple of hours of challenging and engrossing puzzle solving, then Seven Doors is definitely worth your while.” 

“Indie fans who love puzzle games should definitely take a look.”

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