Hunt: Primal Reptiles

The most realistic prehistoric hunt-survival game ever! Huge Jurassic habitat inhabited by many prehistoric carnivorous reptiles, such as Spinosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus. You can also meet herbivorous Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Parasoulour, and many others! An unusual adventure in a jungle full of dangers!The game combines elements of a classic hunting simulator and survival. You traverse a vast, open world full of life and realistic fauna. Apart from many dinosaur species, different dangers await you, such as huge mosquitoes and poisonous plants. You will meet a lot of prehistoric reptiles. From small, agile specimen to powerful giants weighing tonnes.

You will have a huge world (10km/2) from the Cretaceous Period at your disposal. Each traveled meter will be a test of survival! You will find a piece of a basic, random equipment. To survive, you have to conquer the world in search of a better weapon, technology, ammo or clothes.
The island, where you are located, is inhabited by 15 different dinosaur species. From blood-thirsty Tyrannosaurus to small and agile velociraptors. Choose your target carefully, find enough ammo, and stuff as much food as you can find into your backpack. Don’t forget water!






Main Functions

  • a huge exploration area (10 km/2),
  • 15 dinosaur species of various marking, sex, and weight,
  • hunt by day, night, at dawn and during the rain,
  • hunger and thirst bars,
  • a limited amount of food and ammo!, Explore and hunt in order to survive!,
  • a huge arsenal to use — from an arch to a rocket launcher!,
  • an island full of life — poisonous plants and insects!


There will be over 15 types of weapons available in the game. You can modify and refine each of them. Add a better crosshair, riflescope, and even an additional clip.


The hunting area you get is a whole 10 km/2! Each part of the island hides different dinosaur species, plants or annoying insects.

Exploring and Survival

There are a lot abandoned buildings on the map, i.e. observation points, abandoned labs, abandoned buildings where you can find weapons, precious ammo, tools, food, and water. All objects appear randomly so each game is a new adventure! Additionally, from time to time supplies are dropped. You can find there new clothes and ammo, as well as a few other useful objects.


We currently own 15 dinosaur species. Each dinosaur has different markings. There are both male and female dinosaurs. Each specimen also differs in weight, so that every player can compare their trophies with others!
Visit our newly established fan page dedicated to Hunt: Primal Reptiles and our discord where you can share your ideas, help in game development.

Source: Indie DB