To those who are lost beyond the rift, these words are for you.

This is a game about failing, again and again, until you succeed.

This is a game about breaking the loop of difficult memories to find resolution in yourself and the world.

This is a game about an echo.

Designed for 1-3 players, Beyond the Rift is a metroidvania-like game where the difficult platforming and boss battles happen in the story, not on the table. Weave the tale of how you finally made your way through a gauntlet of spike pits and giant insects. Imagine the scene of your final confrontation with the Entity.

You’ll need four six-sided dice, a deck of cards, and a journal. If you’re playing with friends, each of you will only need one of those things. Perfect for remote play over Discord, Skype, FaceTime, or your chat program of choice.

Available to read in your browser directly from the store page. Pay what you can; suggested price is $20, but the embed is accessible without payment.