By: Ariel Manzur Oct 01, 2016

A while ago, we had a Kickstarter for The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy®, and during the campaign we1 promised to release the framework we had made to develop the game as a standalone package. It took a while to finish the game and find some time to put the framework together and publish it, but it’s finally here 🙂

Escoria, a point & click graphic adventure creation framework

Escoria is a set of scripts, template scenes and a dialogue scripting language, which are meant to be used within Godot Engine to create classic graphic adventure games. It’s not a “closed product”, with its own UI and tools, and it’s not a “make your game without programming” solution. It takes advantage of the Godot editor, and it’s intended to be used by a team to make a game, with minimal intervention from the programmer. It is also intended to be “owned” by your team; you will take over the framework, and adapt it to the needs of your games.


Because Escoria doesn’t have any kind of wizards or “user friendly” UIs, and it was used to make a full product, it has many features and documentation is important to get anything done. For this reason, after my trip to Gamescom last month, I spent a week with FLOSS Manuals francophone in Rennes, France, creating a manual which explains most of the features of the framework. You can get it here:

Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria

I will also try to do separate documents for any missing features, maybe videos demonstrating stuff if requested by the community.

How to get it

You can download the framework from its GitHub page:

The basic package includes a test scene and some basic documentation, so check out the manual for a more in-depth coverage of all the features.

Getting help

Since we don’t know how many people (if any :p) will be using this, we’ll start by using the issue tracker on the GitHub page, and Godot’s Q&A site using the tag escoria.

Have fun!

1 Juan Linietsky and Ariel Manzur, who participated in the development of the project.

Source: Godot Engine Official