By: Rémi Verschelde Oct 01, 2016

October 1st, Hacktoberfest starts now and will last for the whole month!

What’s Hacktoberfest? The purpose of this event (run by DigitalOcean and GitHub) is to encourage people to contribute to open source projects by making pull requests. The incentive? Beyond international fame, the glorious feeling of having made the world better, and deep recognition from the project’s community, you also have the opportunity to win a cool T-shirt (sadly not a Godot one – yet) if you make four pull requests during the month after having registered with your GitHub account.

Where does Godot come into play? As an open source project hosted on GitHub, pull requests on our repository are also valid for Hacktoberfest, so it’s a great opportunity to kickstart your Godot contributor career (or confirm it if you’re already a regular).

What to work on? For this event, we created a hacktoberfest label for our GitHub issues which would be good candidates to work on (OK, to be honest it’s just the usual junior job label that got renamed ;)). You don’t have to limit yourself to those issues though, as we understand it any pull request on any project would count towards the greedy objective of getting a T-shirt.

In particular, note that pull requests done on our documentation or demo projects would also be valid, so you can contribute even if you are not familiar with C++. Just make sure to read the README when there is one, and ensure that your contribution will be useful – since the purpose is that it should of course be merged, so it should be beneficial to the project.

So, good hacking, and have fun!

Source: Godot Engine Official