Hi everyone! I novice in coding so i wanted to make a project that challanges my basic coding skills to produce a well rounded complete and fun game. I have just realised my first published game of pong sports. Try it out here: https://broynsa.itch.io/pong-sportsMenu with sample of Games

Game Mode
This game has a collection of orginal bat and ball style games simila. Remaking the orginal  video olympics for Ataria 2600, with extra features on the options page like randon ball placement, speed controls and mouse input options. The games i have made are:

  • Hockey
  • Squash
  • Handball
  • Pong
  • Robot Pong
  • Super Pong
  • WIP VolleyBall

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated as i want to know what i can improve and what you think is good and bad about the game.

Source: itch.io