This Forklift Thingy

Have you ever wanted to drive a forklift with a jet engine attached to it?

Just Like In The Movies

How about creatures chasing your forklift, so you fight them with a minigun? Don’t forget, action music plays in the background!

The Unexpected

Game area is procedurally generated each time with unique pickups, obstacles and deliveries that help you earn gears. You can use your gears to get special abilities to improve your forklift, avoid the enemies and try to survive as long as possible!

About The Game

This is a fun little project that took less than a week to make. We had lots of fun making it and we hope you enjoy it too!


  • Accelerate and Brake – W / S
  • Turn Steering Wheel – A / S
  • Use Boost – Shift
  • Use Weapon – Space
  • Rotate Camera – C
  • Rotate Weapon – V
  • Raise / Lower Forks – R / F


About CampTeam Games

We are a group of friends that enjoy making games! Our goal has always been to make quality games, that we, ourselves, would actually enjoy playing and to fulfill such a great experience for others as well. Feel free to check out our other games!

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