Invicinity: Sorrow

Invicinity: Sorrow Alpha 0.3

The story is set in a dystopian 80-90s, inside an old apartment in a crowded tenement building during winter. There is something quite off with the building and its tenants, and it is up to you to decide what to do and how to do it. Depending on your actions and noise level, the tenants might become aware of your presence (or not). You can choose to just lay in bed and watch TV, sit in a chair and listen to the radio, explore the whole apartment, or venture out into the building and its many mysteries.

Almost everything you encounter in the game will have a purpose and be interactable in some way.
For example:

  • TV Remote
    • 9 channels (nostalgic cartoons, shows, old movies, old ads
  • VHS
    • different cassettes with rewind options
  • Front door
    • Using peephole and ability to lock/unlock door, and leave the apartment
  • Usable bed and chairs
    • Ability to sit or lay in bed and watch TV
  • Readable books
  • Many easter eggs …

The time in Invicinity is connected to the player’s PC time, and many of these things will depend on the time you choose to play the game, with different playthrough each time.

(6 am – 7 pm) – Safe experience (Apartment exploration and less scary)
(7 pm – 6 am) – Scary experience (Tenants A.I.)
(3 am…) – Secret special times throughout the day.

The demo will be ready in less than a month, and anyone willing to test and give feedback can get the demo for free contacting me on: [email protected]

New info and videos soon!

Source: Indie DB

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