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Today I wanted to share with you more information on the relationship system in Esperia ~Uprising of the Scarlet Witch~ (available on Steam)

Like a lot of RPGs, Esperia has specific side stories and dialogs between units. These stories are entirely optional, but they can give more information about characters and how they interact, and reveal new part of the story and lore. Each turn they spend adjacent to another unit gives points, and these points will unlock relationship events in the base. There are three levels of bonds between units, each level unlocks a special scene (see below).

While not uncommon in these types of games, Esperia relationship events are actually closer to visual novel scenes by their sheer quantity and length. There are more than 150 relationship events in the game, accounting for 115,000 words. Note that choices made in game can also influence relationships, in particular with Diana, the main heroine.


greedy roxy 1

Character stories

Some relationships will actually unlock entirely new stories, side quests where only the involved characters can be controlled, and that will often be a key to unlock the highest level of relationship between them. These quests give a lot of new story content, equipements, as well as new classes for the units.

These quests can be accessed from the base once the two units have unlocked their second bond level. They can prove challenging early in the game but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Twin swords b

extra chapter


Characters developing bonds with others will receive a bonus during battle. Each relationship bonus is unique to the pair, and it will give them a tremendous advantage when fighting side by side. This bonus is fixed and is given at the first level of bond. Characters can form relations with a maximum of 5 units.

relation bonus

At the second level of bond, each character will give one of their class skills to their partner. The same character will always give the same skill to all partners, allowing the player to plan ahead to give specific skills to their units. Besides, the skills that are given are class skill, so they cannot be obtained through other means. Characters can develop a second level bond with a maximum of 3 units.

Finally, the third level of bond is special and can only be developed with a restricted number of other characters, and only once. When reaching that level, a new ending will be unlocked between the two characters.

As we have seen, relationships play an important role in Esperia : they allow you to increase the capabilities of your units, learn about their past and relations, and sometimes unlock entirely new maps and chapters. While they are completely optional, I strongly encourage you to try to unlock them!

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