Announcing Pit Jump Maze: Volume 1 – An Engaging New Puzzle Concept

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to introduce Pit Jump Maze: Volume 1 Preview Edition, a physical paperback puzzle book with a free PDF preview now available on! This innovative new puzzle concept takes maze-solving to a whole new level, offering a fresh and engaging challenge for all puzzle enthusiasts.

In Pit Jump Maze, you’ll navigate through complex mazes using a unique pit jumping mechanic that adds a captivating twist to the traditional maze-solving experience. As you progress through each maze you’ll find āž€ āž āž‚ allowing you to jump 1, 2, and 3 pit spaces. The resulting solution paths often criss-cross, adding a lot of complexity compared to traditional mazes. The Preview Edition features the first 24 puzzles, providing a glimpse of the full 64-puzzle journey available in the paperback and ebook versions. And the best part? The Preview Edition is completely free for everyone to enjoy!

Additionally, you can play free daily puzzles online at, giving you even more opportunities to test your puzzle-solving skills.

Pit Jump Maze caters to a diverse range of players, from seasoned puzzle aficionados to families and friends looking for a fun and unique activity. With puzzles spanning various difficulty levels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We’d love for you to give Pit Jump Maze: Volume 1 Preview Edition a try and share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback with us. Your support and input are invaluable as we continue to develop and refine our puzzle offerings.

So, are you ready to take on the enthralling world of Pit Jump Maze? Download the Preview Edition now and start your puzzle-solving adventure!

Happy puzzling!

Check out the page for Pit Jump Maze: Volume 1 (Preview Edition)


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