Hey there! Welcome to this week’s roundup of the YouTube, where we covered an expansion on a classic and a new-old generation of Nazi ass-kicking!

Hail to the King – it’s been a good few years for the Duke Nukem creator community, with cancelled games and concepts galore coming to light. The Duke Nukem 3D scene is still going strong too, though, and Blast Radius is a notable recent output from the scene, delivering some solid expansive levels, thrilling action, and bombastic setpieces to enjoy.

Duke Nukem 3D: Blast Radius on ModDB

Entrudo’s main appeal is its fun and captivating gameplay, thanks to peaceful exploration the game fosters, as well as the rhythm minigames you’ll play along the way. You’re a young tourist trying to live lift to its fullest, exploring the corners of the world and making the most of your free-spirited childhood.

Entrudo's Gameplay

B.J. Blazkowicz may have killed a mighty handful of Nazis in his day, but a geriatric generation later, he’s still at it in Oldfartenstein 3D! The comically named and cleverly executed conversion mod sees classic Wolfenstein action with a sepia tinge, a few more zimmerframes, and tons of fun. Pop in that hip and get ready to kick some Nazi butt!

Image 8

That’s all for this round-up. What do you think about the mods listed? Feel free to discuss below and check out the YouTube for more videos past, present, and future!
Source: Indie DB