Hello everyone! Today I am happy to say that “The Underground – Get out alive” project is ready!

The Underground – Get out alive is a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter with elements of survival horror. 


 You are an experienced mercenary named Berkut, who has visited many hot spots around the world, and has seen a lot in his lifetime. However, what you will encounter there, on the islands and deep underground, will terrify you! It all starts with the fact that the Berkut receives another task from the “Organization” for which he works. The mercenary must infiltrate the territory of the private company “BGETech Corp”, which is located on the Narzeme archipelago in the Kara Sea and steal a valuable container at any cost. Without thinking twice, Berkut agrees. How will the task go? What difficulties will he face? All this you will know in the game! 


  • Open world.
  • Various types of transport.
  • Over 40 different weapons.
  • Atmospheric soundtracks.
  • Over 10 levels, some of which can be completed in multiple ways.
  • Various enemies that have their own characteristics of combat.
  • The plot is designed for 4-8 hours of passage.
  • A system of subtitles and voice acting that allows you to quickly localize the game into your native language! (Russian and English are supported by default).
  • Powerful and flexible game settings for your system! The game can be run on almost any weak computer!
System Requirements Minimum  Recommended 
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit). Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit).
Processor: Intel Core 2 duo E4500 2.20 Ghz. Intel Core 2 duo E7500 2.93 Ghz.
RAM: 4 GB and more. 8 GB.
Video card: DX9 compatible, VRAM: 512 MB and more. DX9 compatible, VRAM: 1 GB.
Disk space: 5.25 GB. 5.25 GB.

Links for download (Official page on Itch.io): CLICK!

The Underground Boxshot

Source: itch.io