Space Monkeys Playable Demo

I have been working on my game: Space Monkeys off-and-on for years and it is finally to a level that is playable, winnable, and contains enough complexity to hopefully intrigue some players.
I recently discovered and trying to figure out how to get the word out about my game and get some feedback.

When you start the game, hit Esc to unpause.

Get close to the fallen spaceship and point at it and press E.
You have to be at approximately the same elevation for this to work.
This opens a store panel where you can buy items. The first thing you will need is a gun.
To buy a gun, drag it to your item slots at the bottom.

As you kill monsters and capture their bases, you gain money (yellow number) and you can buy more items.
If you run out of resources or get stuck, just restart the game by Esc to pause, X to close the welcome tips, exit, quick play again.

Here is a list of features I want to add but need help deciding which should be added first:

  • can save progress
  • different levels
  • progressive difficulty
  • different styles of play
  • boss battle
  • character selection screen
  • computer controlled characters intelligence improvements
  • can play as marsh monsters
  • story mode see [STORY] section
  • money: buy and sell resources
  • respawn map: different colors for friend/enemy
  • can change view: first person vs 3rd person
  • command other friendly units
  • skill tree
  • level system
  • world object (trees, rocks, etc) destructible system that changes an items appearance as it is damaged and destroyed
  • procedural trees
  • build: gun turret
  • build: building structures take time


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