My New Game : Uncanny

Hi everyone, here is my brand new (and kind of first) game I’m sharing with you guys! 

It is called Uncanny, an action rhythm game where you must survive levels by dodging and dashing through uncanny boss attacks. It’s a very short game of 5 to 10 minutes and free to play. I put all of my current effort to make this game besides my studies, and here it is. All art, animation, programming and music are made by myself and I hope you will enjoy it.

Get ready to savor the ultimate indie flavor, a delectable sauce featuring gameplay inspired by Just Shapes & Beats and an uncanny Cuphead-esque atmosphere.

Here is the link to download it:

Here is the launch trailer:

This is my first time making a project of this magnitude even though there are only two levels. It’s mostly about prooving to myself I can make a game, and that my biggest dream games can be achievable at my level.

Thank you for reading this and enjoy!



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