Dose of Reality 0.4.20


This game is a visual novel + 18 created with RenPy by means of AI-generated images.


You are Mel (or insert name as you see fit), a normal kid with a normal life, starting the first day of school after a lousy last year, coped with by you, your younger sister, your older sister and your mother, though along the way you will meet more people, and maybe old friends.

Message from the creator:

This is not a game of heroes and villains, if you expect to achieve great things then this game may not be for you.

This is a slow game, well treated, with decision making and paths to explore, also small events arising from other events and that in the end… also clashes with other events, which makes it immersive, so in this case if I can say that here what you do will have a trigger, and can leave you at one end of the story or another.

But no, it’s not a game of heroes and villains, don’t expect to rule the world, because it won’t happen, I like good plots well treated and slow, so if that interests you, stay, maybe you will like it too.

Post data from the creator:

Remember to take your daily dose of reality.


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