Sunset Mall – Now On!

Sunset Mall is a Vaporwave walking sim / adventure game set inside a 90’s Shopping Mall. Explore a randomly generated mall in search of iconic 80’s – 90’s Music, Movies, Toys, Consoles and Games all while you enjoy the aesthetic style and music.

There are 100s of hidden references and Easter Eggs in the game, a lot of which may never be found.

Things to do in Sunset Mall:

  • Visit a variety of stores that are constantly moving, upgrading and changing as time goes on.
  • Talk to unique shoppers that have their own name, look, style and attitude!
  • Run, hide or fight back against muggers, don’t let them take your hard earned cash!
  • Visit an ATM and withdraw some cash to help with your shopping trip, don’t worry about the banks asking for it back. surely they wont mind, right?
  • Listen to Smooth Vaporwave music spanning over multiple soundtracks!
  • Visit a vending machine and try the bubbly taste of the ALL-NEW Sunset Cola, or spray it at people… if you are mean like that.



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