Easter Themed Idle Clicker Game – Year 1 Update

Hey all,

Last year I spent good Friday trying to make a game themed around easter and people seemed to like it, so this year I decided to do the same thing spending good Friday updating the game. This years update has added so much to the game, I’ll list the change-log below. Hopefully you can enjoy the newly updated game, and look forward to next years update – Lets’ make this a running thing. Link

Google Play Store Link


  • Android support
  • All new shop menus
  • Offline earnings
  • Abbreviated numbers
  • Option to reset the game at any point
  • Icons added to all buttons / shop items
  • Shop upgrades have been better balanced
  • Loads more upgrades to purchase
  • Can now gather up to 18 Quintillion eggs instead of 2 Billion
  • All animations have been updated
  • Particle effects have been polished
  • Saving bugs have been fixed
  • Other minor bugs fixed

Game is also available on the Google Play Store


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